Support Us


Social Services for victims

Community resource referrals including:
          - Crisis prevention & intervention
          - Legal services
          - Violence and abuse services
          - Health benefits information
          - Immigration services
In-house Legal Assistance for Domestic Violence related issues ( for questions please email 

Workshops on self improvement and education

Encouragement and assistance towards continuing education

Family counseling

Counseling for victims

Play therapy counseling

Cultural sensitivity training to law enforcement & local agencies

Anger management referrals

Court appearance accompaniment (case by case)

Interpreter & translator assistance (when possible)

Outreach to help educate the public on understanding and addressing domestic violence

Crises intervention and prevention

 The New Jersey Supreme Court has approved the 2016 and 2017 annual renewal certifications of Wafa House to continue to be recognized as a certified pro bono provider under Court Rule 1:21-11.  The organization will remain on the list of certified pro bono entities maintained by the Administrative Office of the Courts.  The list is also available on the Judiciary’s Pro Bono Organizations Portal.