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Personal Stories

From Distress to Safety

Here are examples of how families, women & children have been helped at Wafa House.


"M" This time he actually hit her, in front of the children. It had been difficult since
arriving in the US -- it was so different, and she felt so alone and isolated. She could
not tell anyone of this secret. But the pain now was too great. She had heard of
Wafa House, and when she was in a safe place, she called for help. The Wafa House
counselor spoke to her in her own language, gave her immediate encouragement,
and referrals for safe temporary housing and legal assistance. In the following
months, the whole family met several times with a skilled Wafa House social worker,
and the husband, “M” and her children re-united in a “safer place”.


"S" had come to America hoping for a better life. But this was so much harder than
she had imagined. Her English was poor, and she needed
a job. But she was afraid of setting up a bank account, and felt that
others did not understand her Muslim values. Where could she turn?
She called Wafa House. The counselors provided her with training in “financial
literacy” skills, showed her how to preserve her values, and coached her in English
and job-seeking. Today she has a regular job, and feels that she can grow as a person
in this new culture.


"A"has 2 children, both boys, 7 and 10 years old. Their school has called her saying
that both boys are often fighting with other children, and something must be done.
“A” has seen this at home also, but what can she do? She called Wafa House, and
of all things, the counselor used her play therapy skills with the boys. In this play-
therapy, it became clear they both had suffered from living in a home where domestic
violence was taking place. After several sessions, both boys began to recover. “A”
had made a call, and broken the cycle of violence..