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A Story of Hope

During a period of unemployment when I felt like I had nowhere to turn, Wafa House provided invaluable help. Whenever someone expresses feelings of hopelessness or a lack of support, I consistently recommend Wafa House and their services. The staff has consistently made me feel secure and supported.

Prior to seeking counseling, my anxiety had a way of distorting my perception of reality, making situations seem much worse than they actually were. Through improved understanding, I've since discovered how to regain a sense of calm and not automatically accept my anxious thoughts as undeniable truths.

A significant challenge I faced was navigating the dynamics of living with my in-laws, which was taking a toll on my marriage. Therapy has been instrumental in boosting my confidence, enabling me to mitigate the negative impact on my self-worth. I've learned to maintain respect while fostering an enjoyable relationship with my in-laws. Without therapy, I might have perceived my life as confining, but now I feel more liberated.


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