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An Empowerment Story

A male client, who was a victim of severe abuse and health issues, came to Wafa House initially seeking mental health services. He successfully completed his counseling sessions and is feeling a lot more empowered. Client was in a very difficult situation and needed immediate assistance. With the help of our donors, Wafa House was able to provide the client with emergency financial assistance to combat homelessness, as well as help pay for his immediate legal fees. The case manager and counselor together worked very closely with the client over the past two years by providing emotional support, financial assistance to help pay for rent, food, and legal fees, as well as a lot of advocacy on behalf of the client. We worked with our partner agencies to advocate for additional resources and were able to secure one year of rental assistance from the Victim’s Crime Compensation Office and assistance with utilities from the Islamic Center of Passaic County. The Wafa House case manager and counselor worked tirelessly and never gave up on getting the client the help he needed to get back on his feet, regardless of how many roadblocks we faced along the way. The client wanted to give back to his case manager and counselor in the form of Sadaqa on their behalf, by donating money to feed orphan children in Africa on behalf of his case manager and client, in their name. He surprised his case manager and counselor with photos of the children that were fed in their names.


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